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Sat, Aug 14


Huwila Arena

Evening mouth

Boxing Night Olavinlinna 2021 at Huwila Areena in the middle of the city of Savonlinna. In Savonlinna, fistfights will take place again on August 14.

Evening mouth
Evening mouth

Paikka & aika

Aug 14, 2021, 6:00 PM – Aug 15, 2021, 10:00 PM

Huwila Arena, Puistokatu 4, 57100 Savonlinna, Finland

Tietoa tapahtumasta

The organization of Boxing Night Huwila Areena's Savonlinna event experienced a setback last week, when Edis Tatli, who was assigned to the main match of the evening, broke his palm during training. The accident brought uncertainty to the organization of the entire event for a while, but during the weekend it was confirmed that the expected boxing night will take place as planned on August 14, 2021.

Six professional boxing matches will be seen during the evening. The domestic stars of the event are: Sanna Turunen, Oskari Metz, Aku Kanninen, Samuli Kärkkäinen, Nourdeen "Ukunta" Toure, and Jamil Elo, making his professional debut.

In Sanna Turunen's (6-4-1) match, nothing more and nothing less is at stake than the WIBF and GBU world championships. Sanna's opponent in the title match is Georgian Elene Sikmashvili (9-9-0), whom she already beat once in 2019 in Helsinki.

In the intermediate series, Oskari Metz, who has a clean match record (14-0-0), faces perhaps the toughest challenge of his current career, as his opponent is Emanuele Cavallucchi (12-3-1), who won the Italian championship in 2019. With a victory over the Italian, Metz will rise to the top of the European Professional Boxing Association to aim first for the EU championship and later for the EC title, so there is a lot at stake in this match.

Aku Kanninen (8-0-1) is the freshly baked heavy middleweight Finnish champion. In July, Kanninen defeated Timo "Stadin Malli" Laine, who was meritorious in tough matches, in the championship match, where the 21-year-old boxer from Ili showed mature boxing against the meritorious Laine. In Savonlinna, we see how the championship belt has brought certainty to the young and promising Aku Kannen.

In 2019, Samuli Kärkkäinen achieved the general respect that follows Finnish boxing, in a wild lower heavyweight championship match against Jarkko Ojapalo. Although Samuli lost the match by unanimous decision, both survived the match as winners. In Savonlinna, Kärkkainen will face experienced Estonian Anton Sjomkin (14-15-1).

Nourdeen "Ukunta" Toure (11-2-0), familiar from the Boxing Night Olavilinna events, will face the Italian Abdellah Lahlou (5-7-1) in the intermediate series match.

Jamil Elo is also familiar from Boxing Night Olavinlinna, who in 2019 fought a memorable, wild Olympic-style match against Mico Hakkarai of Forssa Nykkeilijöt. The match was, in the opinion of many, one of the best matches of the evening. This time, now Boxing Night at Huwila Areena in Savonlinna, Elo strikes his debut match as a  professional, his opponent is Estonian Stanislav Perfilov (0-2).

Due to the corona restrictions, the traditional BNO event is now held at Huwila Areena in the courtyard of the brewery restaurant Huwila, which is located right in the heart of Savonlinna, in the wonderful lake scenery.

In connection with the event, a new book "Tales of a thousand and one punches" (Docento) will be published, which deeply explores Finnish boxing.

Boxing Night Huwila Areena Wishes: Boxers and their assistants, the judges of the evening, partners, and the boxing-loving audience, a hearty welcome to August's atmospheric, darkening professional boxing night, at Huwila Areena in Savonlinna.

The event is organized by Veljekset Pekkonen Oy.

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